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Ross and Michael moved into Rocket Science in August 2010;

Having already worked together for over five years on various projects the next logical step for Ross and Michael was to establish a base to create music in an environment which would allow freedom to record and produce music in a relaxed and light space.  Initially the studio was intended for purely personal use but gradually opened its doors to friends and artists who had come to know of the pair's work.  Working together on almost every project they continue to attract the attention of artists looking for a specific recording experience.

Having previously relied on word of mouth and informal connections the studio is now making its presence known on-line; a reflection of its move towards becoming available to artists, producers or engineers who are looking for a studio space in the west end of the city to work from.

Now in its sixth year the studio is continuing to expand whilst still retaining the relaxed and informal space the pair were intent on creating; a space to write, create, program, record, mix and enjoy.  

Michael and Ross work together on every project that comes to the studio; as engineers, producers and musicians (all included in the studio's daily rate)

Ross is a renowned musician who has previously played on and produced top ten singles and albums (Newton Faulkner, Diana Vickers, Sharleen Spiteri, Mark Lanegan)  Having recently signed a publishing deal as a songwriter Ross continues to write and produce and his enthusiasm and passion for music is evident in every track that leaves the studio.

Michael is a keyboard player and programmer who currently plays with Texas.  His studio career began in Glasgow's historic Cava Studios in 1999 and he has gone on to work with some of the top names in music, including Spike Stent, Mike Hedges, Bernard Butler and Tony Doogan.  Recently Michael mixed the broadcast sound for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.



Sonny Marvello

Vigo Thieves


Katie Sutherland

Crash Club


The Begbies

Saint Phoenix

Exitman (aka Ewen Bremner)

Dredd (Movie Soundtrack)

Ded Rabbit

The Wild Curve

Robbie McFaulds

Duncan Chisholm

New Piccaddilys

Dougie McLean

Walking With Dinosaurs (Movie Soundtrack)

God Help the Girl


Martin Kershaw

Belle and Sebastian


Phil Cunningham & Aly Bain


The Band from Rockall

Todd Gordon

Brass Jaw

Waiting for Go



Rocket science is a pro tools HD - apogee symphony i/o and avid hd based studio

we sum through neve; we use a dm2000 as our control surface 

We Monitor with Klein & Hummel 0300's and various nearfields; we use audio technica headphones; dt100s and sennhesier hd600's

Front end includes universal audio; spl; focusrite; api; NEVE VR (Prism racked mic pre/comp and eq); 1176ln; alan smart c2 

we have a wide range of mics; everything from neumann to vintage sennheiser to SCHOEPS,shure & AKG

we have lots of guitars; a vintage Ludwig kit; a yamaha silent  series acoustic upright; jx3p; dx7; OP-1; dave smith prophet 08; MIDI CONTROLLERS from Dopefer and tons of casios

Ableton Live 9; Push Controller; Midifighter 3D

Technics SL 1210's; DJM 600; Traktor s2