Rocket Science is on woodlands rd

glasgow (west end)


For all enquiries please fill out your details below (or call 07595 373794/07956 532294



our rates adjust to fit the needs of any project; our aim is to make the recording experience we offer available to every artist




What People Say About Us


"Rocket Science is a great studio where quality sounds and great ideas happen.  It's a fun and exciting work place for any musician, allowing creativity to flourish freely" - Duncan Chisholm


"...this is in fact the best recording studio in our small heartbroken country, a place where dreams are made...........where I would be every day but for lack of funds and the fact they would have to tell me to get out of their lives and stop trying to record my ill-fated Back to the Future musical." - Stephen Farrell [Flash Talk]


"Rocket Science is an absolute gem in the Scottish recording and music scene.  A unique, relaxed and intimate recording experience with any amount of sonic gymnastics and astute musicality on offer from the studio's resident supremos, Ross and Michael......and if it's the 'banter you're after', it's a no brainer" - Calum and Rory MacDonald [Runrig/The Band from Rockall]


"Spectacular remix; we're delighted with it.  Such a quick turnaround time too, first mix was a winner - no messing.  Can't thank you guys enough and can't wait to work with you guys again soon" - Neil Mulholland [The Wild Curve]


"Easily the best studio I've recorded in. A place where your music is nurtured and improved upon by two of the most talented people I have had the honour of working with. If you're in a band or are a singer/songwriter who wants to release a high quality product then DON'T waste your time going anywhere else... THIS is the place." - Craig Douglas [Sonny Marvello]